Climate Strike; Madison, WI 2019; © 2020 Jason Houge, All Rights Reserved; VoTP_118

Voice of The People is a look at more than a decade of protests, marches and actions in the U.S. from 2009-current. I was raised by a predominantly Republican and Catholic family. Growing up, the children in my family were often not allowed to be present during political conversations or news broadcasts. We never discussed or were told about the historic protests, rallies, and marches that helped shaped our home country, the United States. In short, we were not permitted to be informed until we were of voting age at which point we stumbled out into the world largely uneducated about our government or theRead More →

Wisconsin Workers Rights Protest; Madison, WI 2011 (Children of Solidarity); © 2020 Jason Houge, All Rights Reserved; VoTP_021

Who are the Children of Solidarity? These are the Millennial youth who stood in solidarity with their parents during the 2011 Wisconsin Worker’s Rights Protests that took place at the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. During this time, Wisconsin Republicans, lead by Governor Scott Walker, proposed a very unpopular “Budget Repair Bill” that would ultimately diminish collective bargaining rights for public workers. In an attempt to prevent the vote, 14 Democrat Senators fled the state. Meanwhile tens-of-thousands of people physically occupied the capitol building in protest. In response, state Republicans attempted to have these Senators arrested and returned to the state. Inspired by these 14Read More →

Cats on Ice; New Franken, WI 2014; © 2021 Jason Houge, All Rights Reserved; MFF_036

Discover the photography by Artist and Social Documentarian, Jason Houge; Small Edition Prints AvailableRead More →

Jason Houge – Photographer, Author, Educator and Mentor. To create his compelling and often haunting photographs, Jason Houge draws on his own turbulent past and works from an empathic perspective within each community the work comes from. Born in 1979 in John Day, Oregon, Houge was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His interests in the sciences, nature and the environment began at an early age. Informed by frequent trips to the local library and teachers at school, he took to making discoveries and learning about the world first-hand through self-guided exploration and kept a journal to draw and write about his findings. At the ageRead More →