Algoma is a city of about 3,000 people on Wisconsin’s shore of Lake Michigan. The area was first inhabited and named by Algonquin speaking people. The city is located on a natural harbor about 25 miles east of the city of Green Bay. Historically, Algoma played a key role in the origin of the Christmas Tree tradition now observed in the United States. In Fred Neuschel’s book about the early Christmas tree shipping industry, Lives and Legends of the Christmas Tree Ships, the description of Algoma is that of a town that relied heavily on the resources and transportation routes Lake Michigan provided. The lake continues to be an essential asset to the city as it draws people from as far away as South Dakota to fish her cool waters for many varieties of salmon and trout. This is in part due to Algoma being home to one of the largest sport fishing fleets on all of the Great Lakes. Besides sport fishing, Algoma is also a hub for vernacular art from the region, and home to Wisconsin’s oldest continuously running winery.

Artist book, Blurb, 2011 – Currently out of print