Occupy Chicago; Chicago, IL 2011-2012; © 2020 Jason Houge, All Rights Reserved; VoTP_077

Capital TimesHungry city: Food banks and farmers feed rising numbers in Dane CountyPhotograph by: Jason HougeWritten By: Emily Shetler Capital TimesThe Family Table: A raclette dinner among friends tames a Wisconsin winterPhotographs by: Jason HougeWritten By: Kathy Brozyna Capital TimesHamel Center celebrates opening, bringing “Wisconsin touch after Wisconsin touch” to music schoolPhotographs by: Jason HougeWritten By: Yvonne Kim Eastside NewsNourishing our NeighborsPhotographs by: Jason HougeWritten By: Amie Hoag Capital TimesPerformance artist Kel Mur hosts a fertile ‘Feast’ at Morris RamenPhotographs by: Jason HougeWritten By: Lindsay Christians TonePodcast: Performance art, menstruation, and dinnerPhotographs by: Jason HougeConversation between Scott Gordon with Kel Mur NPR | All ThingsRead More →

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EDUCATION 2025 M.F.A. student, 4D and Photography, University of Wisconsin – Madison 2011 B.A., Art and Visual Design, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay PUBLICATIONS 2022 Front Cover, Roe v. Wade: a Conversation Through Art Issue, fsm. Journal For the Arts 2020 Various stories, Eastside News 2019-2020 Various stories, Capital Times 2019 Photographs: Performance art, menstruation, and dinner, Tone Madison 2018 Photographs and Interview: Cat Fetish: The Story of Photographer and Cat, Popular Photography China: September issue 2016 Article: Photographing Your Work by Jason Houge, Surface Design 2016 Photographs: Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance, NPR 2015 Article: My Feral Family,Read More →

Jason Houge – Photographer, Author, Educator and Mentor. Jason Houge (b. 1979; United States) is a photographer known for his social documentary photography, environmental portraiture and work with feral cats. His research draws from personal interests and past traumatic experiences to create compelling and haunting photographic stories within a broad range of topics including human rights, civil unrest, health care, hunger, music and the arts, scientific discovery and the environment. Early in his career, Houge was drawn to the idea of the Concerned Photographer, a genre of photography first described by Cornell Capa. However, in an effort to take this genre further, Houge has developedRead More →