Self Portrait holding Lumpy, 2020
Self Portrait holding Lumpy, 2020
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Jason Houge – Photographer, Author, Educator and Mentor.

Jason Houge (b. 1979; United States) uses photography to witness and document the events and experiences of a life lived today. He is best known for his social documentary photography, environmental portraiture and work with feral cats. His research draws from personal interests and past traumatic experiences to create compelling and haunting photographic stories within a broad range of topics including human rights, civil unrest, health care, hunger, music and the arts, scientific discovery and the environment. Early in his career, Houge was drawn to the idea of the “Concerned Photographer,” a genre of photography first described by Cornell Capa. However, in an effort to take this concept further, Houge developed an approach he calls Compassionate Photography to produce charged visual narratives from an empathic understanding of the people he photographs and the intersections they share with the environment, society and current political landscape.

Houge currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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